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August Challenges

Welcome to Craft My Faith Challenges! Our main goal here is to share a bit about our faith in the crafts that we make! We we are sharing some Scripture Verse, a Biblical quote, sharing what God is doing in our life (journaling), using Christian symbols (ie a cross), praying for the recipient etc. If you are sharing your craft projects elsewhere – we will be sharing the Gospel to those who see it!

So this will be where we will keep track of the monthly challenges that we do. I have a plugin that will count your posts. But you will need to keep track of the craft challenges that you do. As we progress, I will be adding more challenges – but this month is a little more simple.

1.  Creativity Points: Starting# Ending #
2.  Introduce Yourself thread
3.  Avatar Challenge
4.  Signiture Challenge
5.  Scrapbook Challenge
6.  Card Challenge
7.  Word Art Challenge
8.  Art Journaling Challenge
9.  Planner / Bullet Journal Challenge
10. iPad / Tablet Challenge
11. Cricut Challenge
12. Freebie Challenge
13. Post It Challenge

Just copy & paste this into your reply – then you can add your finished challenges as you go. I will probably update this list and add more items this week.