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Welcome to Craft My Faith! We are here to inspire each other in sharing our faith through the crafts that we make. We welcome you to use any mediums, whether it is digital or physical.

This is the Planners & Journals section – where we can share our planner / journal layouts. We will have many different ways for you to share new or even older ideas. Be sure to comment below on things you would like to see. We will be emphasizing sharing our faith, whether it is with Bible Word Art, Bible themes, spiritual growth, quiet times etc. The “challenges” are always open, if there is a freebie, it may be available for a limited time.

We will be able to share photos in the comments section of our projects. Please limit your photos to a maximum of 250 kb so that it does not make it difficult for others to view the images.

I started doing a digital journal in 2019 to help me with tracking. I really needed help with drinking water, walking, taking my vitamins, reading my Bible etc. I must have come across digital journals and I was hooked. I struggled a bit for awhile, I was downloading freebies etc. I also was trying to figure out how I wanted to do it. I would color in sections as I would go, but that did seem to bog down my notebook in GoodNotes. Then I discovered a different way to do them – small individual trackers for each task – I really like that. I also pretty much emphasize a weekly tracker. This year, I have added the month (at a glance) – I don’t really use that much. Problem I have is not having one ready at the beginning of the month – I need to plan better ahead of time. LOL

Here is one of my earlier planners…

This one is a bit more like I currently do – I love the chalkboard style….

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  1. These are awesome… I’ve been trying to start my faith jou rnaling with little success… this site gives me great inspiration. Thank you!

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