Using iPad & Tablets

Welcome to Craft My Faith! We are here to inspire each other in sharing our faith through the crafts that we make. We welcome you to use any mediums, whether it is digital or physical.

This is the iPad / Tablet section – where we can share ideas on how we can use mobile devices in our crafting. Be sure to comment below on things you would like to see. We will be emphasizing how we can share our faith, whether it is with Bible Word Art, Bible themes, spiritual growth etc while using mobile devices. The “challenges” are always open, if there is a freebie, it may be available for a limited time.

We will be able to share photos in the comments section of our projects. Please limit your photos to a maximum of 250 kb so that it does not make it difficult for others to view the images.

A few years ago, I wanted to see if I could use my iPad Pro and not use a desktop or laptop computer in my designing. At the time, the major issues was with external storage and setting up things like a new printer. I also sell at a site that still uses flash. I did end up getting a Mac mini, but I primarily design on my iPad Pro. I will be sharing tips, favorite apps and other ideas on how to do practically anything on mobile devices.

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